Τhe Hellenic Liver Transplant Patient Association ΗΠΑΡΧω, was founded in February 2004 in Athens and is the first association nationwide, representing liver transplant patients. It is governed by five elected members who have undergone liver transplantation and form the Board of Directors.


Τhe Hellenic Liver Transplant Patient Association ΗΠΑΡΧω aims to relieve the suffering and distress of liver patients in the waiting list, transplant patients and their relatives, before, during and after transplantation by providing support and assistance.

The mission of ΗΠΑΡΧω is focusing on the benefit of all those who have had a liver transplantation but also those in the waiting list.

With the vision to further develop the medical procedures of liver transplantations in our country, we work continuously to achieve our objectives, through specific pillars of action and at the same time, raise the awareness of our society on the life-giving benefits of Organ and Tissue donation, by providing valid and objective information on this field.

The gift of organ donation is viewed as the guiding principle of altruism and volunteerism and the basic prerequisite for perhaps the most important medical act of the 20th century: the transplantation of Organ and Tissues.


Kerasountos 17,

115 28, Athens


Tel./Fax : +30/210 38 00 550

Email: info@hparxo.gr